a tilt of clarity

For many years I’ve been feeling the pull between a couple of trains of thought which seem to have opposing, yet beneficial advice for those of us who have this urge to thrive and grow and stretch our lives to be hopefully more joyful and more manageable  :) .  This particular dilemma entails two pieces of interesting advice:  “Go with the flow” and “Create what you want.”  To most people this probably doesn’t pose a problem, but I used to struggle with these ideas.  If I go with the flow, then I allow all the ups and downs of this thing called life, to just carry me along.  If I create what I want, then I plant my feet and say, “I’m going to have this thing or experience in my life!  Coz that’s what I want!”  You can see that the application of these two creatures is pretty much heading for a major train wreck.

So I would tilt my head and peruse this interesting, seemingly paradoxical way of life that I so unwittingly staggered upon . . . sometimes with angst, sometimes with amusement, sometimes with resigned perplexity.  But lately, I’ve just accepted it as a wonderful and mysterious part of life that I will probably never fully grasp.  But what the heck!  Life’s conundrums are beginning to take on the face of joyful abandon — don’t ask me why.

Last week, while I was holding my cup underneath my small tank of filtered water, my cup got about half full and the water stopped flowing out of the spigot because the water level was low.  So I tilted my little cistern towards me and easily filled up my cup.  And bam! There it was – right in front of me — the perfect balance!  I was going with the flow, standing in front of my water container filling up my cup – and then I created what I wanted by a shift, a tilt.  A small thing, I know, but it was such a sweet uniting of two seemingly opposite entities, that it gave me a real thrill — like a window opening between me and that magical place where all the answers are not so hidden.  Yahooooo!  Another piece of the puzzle coming together!  What a cool tilt!

(thanks to www.international.stockfood.com for graphic)


11 thoughts on “a tilt of clarity

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        • Thanks so much for your kind words! It is such a boon to feel that someone gets something from my blog. Hope you’re having a fabulous 2013 so far!

    • - You succeeded with the mrtianuie feeling and got a interesting picture. I have just ordered a tilt/shift and this picture is very inspiring to me. A great shot!/Jonas

  1. Thanks amedar! What a sweet comment. I appreciate the support in my self-expression. It hasn’t always been easy for me to do.

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