more than music

A few days ago, I was standing in my kitchen, looking out the back door at the blue sky and the birds, enjoying the delightfully sunny January day, peeling an orange.  I was thinking about how amazing animals are and how much beauty and life they bring us.  I was reflecting on a short book I had just read by Jane Goodall.  Many years ago, when I first heard the story of the amazing work she did with the chimps in Africa, I was so moved.  And now, after reading more details of her work, I was more deeply stirred and awed by her courageous instincts, ground-breaking ideas, and valiant actions.

For as long as I can remember, animals and nature in general have been solace and joy to me.  I stood there pondering on how I wanted to make a difference for the animals.  Then I thought about the children of India, my native country, and all that I’d like to do for the street kids of New Delhi.

I thought about my passion for music and how it feels like the epicenter of my life purpose.

How can I do all the things I want to do?  I asked in my head.  I felt frustrated . . . so much I’d like to be a part of in this life trip.

I put a section of orange in my mouth and looked down at the rest of the orange pieces in my hands.  I suppose my life is like this orange, I thought, One life with many parts.  I can’t be 13 different people, pursuing a bunch of diverse interests, forging disparate new ideas, exploring various avenues of creative endeavors, but I can live life one section at a time.  I can pour my passion into what is here for me now, until the next section arrives by a twist of fate or an unstoppable drive to re-focus my energies.  I sighed with incomplete satisfaction, threw on my jeans and started my day.

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let’s have a party!

Here it is, a brand new year!  And not only that, but it’s the year past the end of the Mayan calendar, the year beyond the edge of the cliff, the year of the fifth dimension, the age of aquarius.  WOW!  Isn’t this earth plane a wild ride?  Isn’t it grand to wake up each morning to something unknown?  Isn’t it a power trip to know we are creating, inch by inch or in leaps and bounds, whatever it is we wish to experience?

For some reason, I keep feeling this lightness — not sure what that’s about.  I’m feeling more grateful for every breath that enters my being, full of life-giving energy.

I’ve been writing quite a bit lately.  I’ve written 3 songs in the last couple weeks — that’s always a high for me.  I’m usually not one to sit down and say to myself, “Time to write a song, you Nashville chika”  Altho, I know lots of writers who do pretty well with that sort of regulated thing.  I’m usually struck by something – like a phrase of music starts playing in my head — or a line will just pop out of me spontaneously.  I’ve been awakened in the middle of the night, several times over the years, by a new melody dancing it’s way across my forehead, oblivious to the fact that someone (namely, me) is trying to get some shut-eye. 

I seem to have this bent to always be creating something.  So, it’s nothing but pure joy for me to write a new song or paint something or to come up with an idea to fix something around the house.  The other project I’ve been working on is a book that has been really fun to play with.  With the holidays, I got some good chunks of time to work on it – which was very satisfying. 

So, all in all, 2013 has been smiling pretty sweetly on me.  And I got to see family and friends over the holidays, which is such a gift in itself.  Hey, and since we’re still here — let’s have a party!

Thanks to for photo of Mayan Pyramid in the Lost World of Tikal National Park, Guatamala.