moonlight dance

when the moon came up
the trees began to dance
like i always knew they could
moving to the music
ricocheting off their leaves
and drumming on their wood

caught up in feverish melodies
sinking through their skin
their ever-changing partners
the zephyr and the wind

curious and contagious
to their midnight celebration
real or grand illusion
it seemed to matter little

all but joy was forgotten
my worries of tomorrow
lost and trampled
in the merry tromping
and sashaying of
a liberating moonlit dance

–shashi light

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it was only a song
only a string of notes
hung on silence and a breathless anticipation

like all things that bear magic
doors opened where none had been perceived
allowing winds and oceans
who visit the endless
to carry them to my heart
chambers that gather glimpses of ecstasy

now they nestle
in my waking
and rise in my dreaming

those tender notes
lifting the weights of departure
those tender notes
vanishing my mundane into the ethereal
those sweet tender notes
ever whispering of the eternal

i feel my yearnings
acquiesce to a less torrid understanding
no longer wrestling acceptance

letting her lead me
to an incandescent calm
bright but not blinding
as before
willing for what serves best
in the moment

for we have all of eternity

to fly our fiery stallions
from quelling pools of constellations
to thunderous waterfalls through galaxies’ open doors
flinging our unbridled notes
upon the expanse of the universe
to mingle with the music of the stars

-shashi light

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