do-it-yourself country western song kit

Since I’m a professional song-writer (a-hem), I thought I’d share some of my excellent song-writing tricks with you in this (yes, you can try this at home), step-by-step kit!!  This is a special deal I’m offering for FREE!!!!  Yes, folks, I said, no money down, no payments till 2023, and no previous experience necessary!  This is your lucky day!!!  The only thing I ask is that you give me your DOB, your Bank Account #, and your Social Security Number.  And wait, that’s not all, if you act now, you will also get an all- expense paid trip for two to Guam!  Don’t hesitate!  Start using this amazing kit now!!!

(1) at a hoedown
at rehearsal
on the highway
at a truck stop

(2) in September
down in Memphis
close to Nashville
wrestlin’ gators

***************************************I CAN STILL RECALL (3)  SHE WORE.

(3) no underwear
those Wal-Mart boots
that fuzzy hat
that Mozart wig

*****************************************SHE WAS (4)

(4) sobbin’ at the tollbooth
dancin’ on the table
crawlin’ in the swampgrass
playin’ minor triads


(5) in the twilight
by the off-ramp
with her shoes off
near Smitty’s barn

*****************************************AND I KNEW (6).

(6) no guy would ever love her more.
she’d bought her dentures in a store.
that she was rotten to the core.
that she’d never use a score.


(7) I promised her I’d
I yodeled that I’d
She asked me if I’d
I’ll swear off whiskey and

***************************************(8) FOREVER.

(8) stay with her
get a job
wear red socks
play Satie

**************************************SHE SAID TO ME (9).

(9) our love would never die.
there was no other guy.
she’d have a ham on rye.
that weddings made her cry.

*************************************BUT WHO’D HAVE THOUGHT SHE’D (10)

(10) run off
fiddle around
sing loud
sky dive


(11) with my best friend
in the choir room
in my pick-up truck
near Atlanta

*************************************** (12)

(12) You’d think at least that she’d have said
I never had the chance to say
She sent a hired thug to say
I now can kiss my credit cards



No need to thank me, I just feel so rewarded by the warm feeling I get from doing something so precious for mankind and especially for the world of music.


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This was sent to me anonymously, so I can’t give credit to whoever came up with this.

willow water

love bears its own fruit
weaving her basket
under the sun
simmering and evaporating
her willow water
vestiges of wisdom

whetted on self-reflection
and self-forgiveness
and the quickening heart of desire
or the desperate part of desire
choosing to rise or fall
it’s the same hill

cry your tears if you must
better to cry them than deny them
like dubious children
gathered into nascent faith
they will rise in the sun
above your willow water

a new day’s begun

— shashi light

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