the gift

i looked up at venus
floating above the nashville skyline
beside her dressed in the slinkiest gown
smiled the moon
very new and shiny
they were doing the tango
winking at each other, telling secrets
recalling their younger years
when the earth was just a babe
those nights spent watching over her
singing her lullabies
rocking her in their sparkly harmonies

i couldn’t help but smile
soaking in their bliss
even though i didn’t know their secrets

life has a way of bringing me whatever i need
with all my questions, wonderings
quandaries, trivialities
i felt like i was handed a magic wand
a pot of gold, a warm hand to hold
an unshakable guarantee
that i was loved and watched over
and splooshed with magic

i took a deep breath
inhaled the stillness
of the deep indigo sky
and the gift
of being a dreamer


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