for my mother

quiet traverse

bald and ochre shawled
you looked like
a himalayan monk
just stepped down
from the clouds
of heaven
with countenance
of peace

too tender for
a bustling world

perhaps a blessing

reclused by
the veil of
cancer’s medicine
perhaps a blessing

oh but carry her
back to the others
who have not
traded mercy for exacting
or forgiveness for fortitude

go quickly
so the
hand of suffering
shadows not
your beaming

your message
the shifting horizons
from the eternal

melting my sorrow
softening my anger
lifting my heart

in ways
that eluded my path
while you still
walked the earth

perhaps your light
was too bright
too free
for my squinting

your quiet traverse
illumines the hall

now i see

–  shashi light

my mother doesn’t walk the earth anymore
but her spirit is always close to me and i don’t know
how i could ever be anything without her.  it always
seemed like to me that love beamed from her face,
which was my sustanance, my entire life.
during the last few weeks of her life in the physical plane
she just started literally glowing.  now she’s my
guiding light, always.

Love and Gratitude to all you Moms out there!!