the caged bird flies

A couple months of months ago I heard that Maya Angelou passed on from this life. Wow — I thought — now the caged bird flies. Not just with her winged words but with her whole consciousness. She must feel so happy!

My daughter introduced me to this remarkable woman (in the literary sense) many years ago, after she had feasted on several her books. I was amazed at the way this tower of integrity gracefully lifted me off the page and into a wonderland of seeing life with different eyes, yet feeling so one with it, it seemed to be my own —   caring so much about the characters that I became tossed between wanting to be there to hold her hand, but feeling so lucky that I wasn’t because I would have fallen short of her courage and authenticity, which only became more beautiful and robust, as she continued to meet life head-on.

I have so much gratitude for this trail-blazer of a woman and for the gleam that remains in her written eloquence and in her life lived full tilt.

May you always fly, Ms. Maya Angelou!

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