gratitude for the journey

“In the core of your being,
in this very moment,
in all the moments before,
and in all the moments to follow,
there is freedom,
there is truth,
there is love.
Conscious freedom,
conscious truth,
conscious love.
Not a concept,
but the living mystery of it,
already alive in you.
Not just in you,
but also outside you,

Not separate from any thing or any body.
This is the good news that has been coming to us Throughout time. 

What makes it relevant to you in this moment,
in this time in your life,
is that you have the capacity
and the support
to completely discover this
and to live in truth
rather than in betrayal.”        

               — Gangagi


Special Thanks to each of you who read my thoughts as I post them here.  This is a place I feel free to discover who I am, in complete safety.  Thanks for sharing in my journey!!  Have an awesome Thanksgiving!!

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     bound by her increasing beauty
i pursued the sky
gowned in silken lavender rose

     sensing my awed attention
turned to grace me
blinding was her resplendence

     but the moment before blindness
the indelible flash of purity
was all i needed

     recapture my eternal senses
and lose myself to
euphoric wonder

     water gathered her cascading coins
and ferried them to pressed hands
against my bedroom window

          —  shashi light

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