me too

the road brambled through
unswallowing woods
shape shifting its way
like the words of a poem
and found bright noon
waiting at the top of the hill

was it my life queuing
between worlds
with brown-eyed innocence
slowly numbing the sacred self
who never understood
why people hurt each other

the anything but polite truth
creaking open
well-intentioned armor
that fortified and rusted tight
around that youth
centuries ago

yes, the sun and new moon
the flash of wings
above the rippled grass
the open arms of late july
the air i was meant to breathe
that heals the past

i take it inside my bones anew
with fresh innocence
fling it through my throat
shattering across the sky
the kind of freedom
only the wind knows

and now me too

—- shashi light

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fall in love with yourself

                   There is no passion to be found playing small -
                                       in settling for a life
                                   that is less than the one
                                  you are capable of living

                                      —  Nelson Mandela

I love this video (below) by Morley — Take a look and give yourself a lot of love and appreciation, because there’s no one else like you!

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