message from mom

Life is full of wonder and magic.  I was thinking about my mother, about a year after she had passed from this life — I was still in that place of missing her, and still feeling a bit raw.  At times I would still get teary at night, lying in bed.  This particular night, I started feeling her presence and a deep sense of love.  Then I felt her giving me a message.  I grabbed a pen and my notebook and wrote it down.  Now it’s been several years since that night and I am so grateful that I still feel her strong love for me — in fact, it just keeps growing and growing.  The few times that I feel a little twinge of sadness, I just say to myself, “She’s here . . . no need to miss her.”  I re-read her message, and a surge of love fills my heart.

I’d like to share her message with you, especially if you have lost your mom.  Here it is:

“I am near you, always. I am very happy. There are tears for you to shed and that’s ok. But the sun always comes back. Laughter is good for the soul. When you remember me, see me in my joy and glory, for I have never been happier. This will warm your heart. This is the deeper truth. I am just around the corner and I am in your heart.

“Speak to me often for I hear every word. I am hearing you, now. Yes, I hear your words and see your thoughts. You might have an empty feeling inside, or a shadow that you can’t seem to escape, or a heavy step. Accept all of those parts of you and let them express themselves through tears or writings. Your sense of loss or separation is really a feeling of separation from your own true self. Nothing more. I’m not saying it is nothing. I’m saying it is a part of physical existence that just about everyone experiences at one time or another.

“My seeming separation from you stirs the stillness of the space between the world of form and the world of spirit. Open your heart wide to love, and the separation disappears. The pain is gone. The hole is filled. The music begins. The river flows. The world is a warm place again. Love is not bound by time or the physical, and neither am I. So you see, now I am pure love. I am not limited. I am not worried. I am just Love. You are, too. The essence of you. So, in the field of pure Love we meet, like in a field of daisies, always golden, always smiled upon by the sun. Everywhere you go, you are pure Love. And I am there.”

Love and Gratitude to All you amazing Moms out there!!