a sweet season

here it is … a new season
a slowing down to count blessings, smell harvests, gaze at the pregnant moon

to light fires and entertain friends, make plans for the new year
to think of celebrations, start new traditions, welcome new ideas
to reminisce over the busy summer
and catch all those pieces of gold that slipped past our hurriedness
to find ourselves whole again after a scattering of energy
to reap wisdom from mistakes
to slow our anger and gift the freedom forgiveness grants the giver

to remember the miracle of molecules flowing through our holy bodies carrying
sweet sustenance of physical beingness to our grateful bones and happy blood
to watch canopies of ambers turn to gold, and greens to crimson
against the deepening sapphire blue of october sky
to take in the crackling scent of faded leaves under our feet
to measure the worth of friendships
an impossible task but musing over it just the same
to gather the goodness of belly laughs and sincere smiles,

gentle listening, healing words, kind hugs, home-made music and tea
a soft blanket
morning sunbeams to chase the chill

a sweet season indeed


All images property of Shashi Light.