happy reindeer

A couple of weeks ago as I was leaving the grocery store, rolling my cart through the foyer, I saw a small group of people huddled together in a corner. Then I heard a pitch pipe and the 13 or so of them opened their mouths and out came a magical sound of four-part acapella harmony, in the sweetest tones I’d heard in a long while.

I was amazed those sounds found their way to me so clearly and unscathed, zigzagging across the stream of people and carts parading by, automatic doors swishing open and shut, the chatter in the air - and yet from the far corner, beautiful waves of vibration flowed undaunted to my happy ears. I stood there, one hand on my cart, trying to be unobstructive to the flow of busy shoppers. I stood and let the sound fill my heart with its gentle harmonies. I stood and thought how these smiling faces gave up their Saturday afternoon – when last minute Christmas to-do’s could easily have commanded their day – but here they were, bringing their talents and hours of practice to people scurrying past.
A couple of other carts paused. People smiled and clapped and moved on. I stood and let their sweeping highs and lows bathe me, caress me, tender me. Tears filled my eyes. I thought of the kindnesses that permeate the world, moment by moment, person by person – small things that touch deeply and big things that change lives.
The sun was streaming brightly through the sliding glass doors as I finally pushed my cart out into the crisp solstice air, the big blue sky rising above the distant snow-dotted mountains, and my car ready with the remaining things on my list. I breathed deeply as I unloaded the cart, carrying those magical notes in my pockets. What a beautiful world we live in!
Wishing you many magical moments as we pause to let this special season renew our spirits, hearts, and minds. And may the new year bring you sweet winds to sail on, green forests to meander through, mysterious caves to spy into, delicious foods to devour, laughter with friends, sun rises to sleep through, sunsets to soak in, soul-feeding music, new hearts to love, great memories to cherish, and brilliant ideas to carve into reality!
Wishing you the best year ever!
With love,
Shashi Light
Image property of Shashi Light