Several years ago, when I was living in LA, I was going home after an event downtown and it was late – probably around midnight. I had parked in a parking garage that only took cash. I realized that I didn’t have any, as I got in the parking garage elevator. It stopped at the next level and four big, very tall Black guys got in. As the elevator gently hummed the five of us up, I thought, well I could choose to be scared right now, but instead I said, “Do any of you have any cash? I don’t have any to pay for parking here.” All of them reached for their wallets and handed me money. I gratefully took what I needed and smiled and wished them a great night as I stepped off the elevator. (Just to be clear… I’m not insinuating that the color of their skin was cause for apprehension. Any woman alone in downtown LA late at night might be concerned when surrounded by four men of any variety she didn’t know.)

Yesterday I had the privilege of participating in a peaceful march. It felt so good to be a part of this pivotal point in the history of the world where things are changing, people are understanding what equality really means, people are seeing that a lot can be done to move towards real equality for Blacks, all over the world: economically, socially, politically, judicially, in the job market, in healthcare, and especially in our hearts.

Do something especially kind to/for Blacks at this crucial time when every voice needs to be heard.

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