sail on

the sail time travels on
shrinks and us smaller still
in the wake of sky-filled luminous canvas

you ride
with newgrace

Let us learn from you
to embrace what
time grants us

to hold what we touch
in reverence for what
it will grow within us

that’s why we’re here

the seen and unseen
cannot separate worlds
they feed each other

shall we not mistake pain
for obstacles
and medals for self-worth

neither will reward
our great Consciousness
rising and thriving
when we seek the path
of self-realization

only with eye unblemished
by transient standards
of men and women

my hands cannot catch
the sparkle you sail on
bouncing from your unfettered heart

But I keep it
in a teaching place
so my mind will not forget
the unseen that grows inside me

and not regret
what escapes to less than dust someday

but eternel inside me


by Shashi Light
for Phil Emmanuel

Image by Maya Mendoza

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