Merry Solstice Hanukkah Kwanzaa Christmas!

My daughter and granddaughter


What a year! This has for sure been a time of big changes! With more alone time this year I gave some thought to what value all this was bringing into my life. The resulting response filtered into my consciousness sometimes subtly, sometimes dramatically, and sometimes not in the absence of my own cynicism and criticism.

But thankfully, the echoes of my own heart revealed a growing peace and confidence cultivated by that radical claim stamped on my forehead:  Everything will work out!

A maturation of awareness of how good each moment I have on this planet is, found me more passionate in writing or speaking aloud my daily gratitudes. The joy of simple things, like a pair of ravens slipping through the sunlight or a deer munching on a pumpkin’s face, took on new dimensions of wonder, beauty, and pleasure.


I laughed more, I dreamed more, I chilled more. I looked into the face of uncertainties with hope and revelry… what else can we do? The worries and insecurities were a part of the mix for sure, and I came to accept them as benign catalysts for a step into deeper trust in myself and universal energies whereby I co-create my reality.


It wasn’t always easy and I gave myself lots of permission to flail in my attempts to gracefully embrace the unknown. Standing on the edge of potential crises and life-changing events also gave rise to the expedient need within me to not hold back on saying what I really mean, not delay what my heart is calling for,  and especially not postpone joy.


As I glance back over my shoulder it seems I have traveled a bit farther down the road of self-love, trusting the goodness of life, and honoring my needs and desires.
Now as we stand before the gateway of a new year, I feel that many of our hopes are coming to fruition:  a vaccine; a safe place for people of all colors, races, and genders to relax into who they truly are; a deepening love for those we care about, etc.


My hope for you is that you will let your heart speak its deepest truths to you, and the sweet notes of that music will be your guiding light; and the power that each moment of the new year is vibrating with will easily find its way to your consciousness, like blossoms in the midst of winter.


Sending you warm wishes for a beautiful holiday season, and the sweetness of new horizons in the coming year!


I especially send my heart out to any of you who may have lost a loved one this year, or in prior years. I wrote a song for a friend of mine who lost his mom, and I’d like to share it with you. Click on this link if you’d like to hear it:

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