under the moon

how did you
luscious strawberry
appear from a
speck of nothing
who bravely
opened itself down
into Mother Earth

what magic
happened when
what looks like dirt
transformed into perfect
leaves and blossoms
that are more beautiful
than titian’s maidens

where was this
sweetness dripping
down my smiling chin
first imagined so fully
that it couldn’t help but
burst into being
i am surrounded by miracles

eating earth kisses under the moon

—   shashi light

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message from mom

Life is full of wonder and magic.  I was thinking about my mother, about a year after she had passed from this life — I was still in that place of missing her, and still feeling a bit raw.  At times I would still get teary at night, lying in bed.  This particular night, I started feeling her presence and a deep sense of love.  Then I felt her giving me a message.  I grabbed a pen and my notebook and wrote it down.  Now it’s been several years since that night and I am so grateful that I still feel her strong love for me — in fact, it just keeps growing and growing.  The few times that I feel a little twinge of sadness, I just say to myself, “She’s here . . . no need to miss her.”  I re-read her message, and a surge of love fills my heart.

I’d like to share her message with you, especially if you have lost your mom.  Here it is:

“I am near you, always. I am very happy. There are tears for you to shed and that’s ok. But the sun always comes back. Laughter is good for the soul. When you remember me, see me in my joy and glory, for I have never been happier. This will warm your heart. This is the deeper truth. I am just around the corner and I am in your heart.

“Speak to me often for I hear every word. I am hearing you, now. Yes, I hear your words and see your thoughts. You might have an empty feeling inside, or a shadow that you can’t seem to escape, or a heavy step. Accept all of those parts of you and let them express themselves through tears or writings. Your sense of loss or separation is really a feeling of separation from your own true self. Nothing more. I’m not saying it is nothing. I’m saying it is a part of physical existence that just about everyone experiences at one time or another.

“My seeming separation from you stirs the stillness of the space between the world of form and the world of spirit. Open your heart wide to love, and the separation disappears. The pain is gone. The hole is filled. The music begins. The river flows. The world is a warm place again. Love is not bound by time or the physical, and neither am I. So you see, now I am pure love. I am not limited. I am not worried. I am just Love. You are, too. The essence of you. So, in the field of pure Love we meet, like in a field of daisies, always golden, always smiled upon by the sun. Everywhere you go, you are pure Love. And I am there.”

Love and Gratitude to All you amazing Moms out there!!

a day at the beach

I am one with
the ocean
who is sometimes calm
and sometimes excited

I am one with
the pelicans
who own the sky

I am one with
the egret
who waits patiently

I am one with
the dolphins
who laugh and play for food

I am one with
the kestrel
who sings to the clouds

I am one with
the great blue heron
who knows and loves
his inner reflection

—- shashi light

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me too

the road brambled through
unswallowing woods
shape shifting its way
like the words of a poem
and found bright noon
waiting at the top of the hill

was it my life queuing
between worlds
with brown-eyed innocence
slowly numbing the sacred self
who never understood
why people hurt each other

the anything but polite truth
creaking open
well-intentioned armor
that fortified and rusted tight
around that youth
centuries ago

yes, the sun and new moon
the flash of wings
above the rippled grass
the open arms of late july
the air i was meant to breathe
that heals the past

i take it inside my bones anew
with fresh innocence
fling it through my throat
shattering across the sky
the kind of freedom
only the wind knows

and now me too

—- shashi light

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fall in love with yourself

                             There is no passion to be found playing small -
                                                 in settling for a life
                                             that is less than the one
                                            you are capable of living

                                              —–  Nelson Mandela

I love this video (below) by Morley — Take a look and give yourself a lot of love and appreciation, because there’s no one else like you!


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Peace to You and Us All in 2015!

“Music does bring people together. It allows us to experience the same emotions. People everywhere are the same in heart and spirit. No matter what language we speak, what color we are, the form of our politics or the expression of our love and our faith, music proves: We are the same.”
John Denver

One of my all-time favorite musicians and song-writers is John Denver.  I feel like he had a special gift for sharing joy and raising conscious awareness of so many important issues.  I’d like to share a version I did of one of his songs, Annies Song:

Click here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TemHe_jo9Tg

Thanks for watching and have a love-filled 2015!

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winter solstice birth

in the safety
of softness
stories yet
to be ridden

tumblings in darkness
laughing for all possibilities
unnamed unbridled
unconcerned unbidden

the stepping stone
to be lightly touched
between spaces
of infinity
understood but hidden

from light
first formless
gaining the weight
of the world
in swirls of freedom

where the
infinite and measured meet
the slow kiss
of union and separation

burdenless of
breath and death
floating in dreams
undreamt of yet

the endless sea
delivers its own shore
its own jewel
its secret store

but amnesiatic
to lose itself
for the delicious overarching
return to its eternal calyx

— shashi light

Warm wishes for a beautiful holiday season to you all!
And thanks for reading!!

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gratitude for the journey

“In the core of your being,
in this very moment,
in all the moments before,
and in all the moments to follow,
there is freedom,
there is truth,
there is love.
Conscious freedom,
conscious truth,
conscious love.
Not a concept,
but the living mystery of it,
already alive in you.
Not just in you,
but also outside you,

Not separate from any thing or any body.
This is the good news that has been coming to us Throughout time. 

What makes it relevant to you in this moment,
in this time in your life,
is that you have the capacity
and the support
to completely discover this
and to live in truth
rather than in betrayal.”        

               — Gangagi


Special Thanks to each of you who read my thoughts as I post them here.  This is a place I feel free to discover who I am, in complete safety.  Thanks for sharing in my journey!!  Have an awesome Thanksgiving!!

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     bound by her increasing beauty
i pursued the sky
gowned in silken lavender rose

     sensing my awed attention
turned to grace me
blinding was her resplendence

     but the moment before blindness
the indelible flash of purity
was all i needed

     recapture my eternal senses
and lose myself to
euphoric wonder

     water gathered her cascading coins
and ferried them to pressed hands
against my bedroom window

          —  shashi light

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