the dance

today is the day before my birthday

so many years ago
a small screaming child
separated by flesh from its pure source

now we walk together
but for the river i must dare enter
to feel the fullness of your embrace

casting off the sheltering cloak
of fear and worry
to bask in those sacred quenching moments

is it there I go
when I sleep
waking without recollection

is it the cause of my de-unraveling
is it the fetterless binding of my sanity
or as some have judged, insanity

all I know is this swell of peace and gratitude
when I remember to lift
my weightless gaze across the waters

and see the twinkling smile
the gracious allowance
the gentle nudges, the patient eyes

at my fledgling dance across this thing called life

-shashi light

thanks to for photo