the dance

today is the day before my birthday

so many years ago
a small screaming child
separated by flesh from its pure source

now we walk together
but for the river i must dare enter
to feel the fullness of your embrace

casting off the sheltering cloak
of fear and worry
to bask in those sacred quenching moments

is it there I go
when I sleep
waking without recollection

is it the cause of my de-unraveling
is it the fetterless binding of my sanity
or as some have judged, insanity

all I know is this swell of peace and gratitude
when I remember to lift
my weightless gaze across the waters

and see the twinkling smile
the gracious allowance
the gentle nudges, the patient eyes

at my fledgling dance across this thing called life

-shashi light

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a glimpse

catching a glimpse of the divine
in the sun mediating
on the distant hill

the cadence of the wind
by the rill

were it not for his shadow
giggling through the tickle of
sycamore and pine

- shashi light

wishing you all special moments of deliverence from worries, self-doubt, or pain, and the realization of true beauty waiting in the silence within you.

thanks to each of you who read and enjoy my blog.  it’s a joy to share my thoughts with you.

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hanging it up


the memory of reverberations
crackling through her woody veins
rests in satiated acquiescence to hallowed silence

encompassing like a constellation
of silvery feelings
a once ready electricity

simply and immaculately
conjured out to dance
by the hands of an unproclaimed master

weaving his intricate steps
loosely tethered here
tightly woven there

nestling, rising, roaring, abating
bursting with the raw energy
of a gypsy’s wanderings

privy to his innermost longings

the evoking, compelling reticence
of a stolid guitar
holding so much more than memories

— shashi light
     (thanks to Dave Hill for photo of Tommy Emmanuel pictured above)

sweet water rain



if i could sing the music of the stars
i’d shatter every lie
that keeps your beauty inside

if i could weave through canyons
like ancient glacial progeny
that left their blankets on the rocks

i’d splash the canvas of your eyes
with every glint of wonder
that’s budding in your heart

if i could read the glyphs on the cliffs
i’d prophesy what lies ahead
just magnifies our love

if i could rise in the splendor of the moon
i’d spend my glory
piece by piece on a volcano like you

if i could be the winds
that draw their breath across the sands
in a symmetry of lines

like sages wise beyond their time
or friends of mine like Fascal
who once said to me

      i wish i were a piece of ice
      so i could melt when my love is thirsty

but i am only me
gathering my mysteries
like sweet water rain
in a pool of blue sky

 – shashi light
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to my mother


how i loved the smell of your saris
the feel of them in my small brown hands
hiding in their folds i was safe

i always felt special
when i was near you
even as an adult

your infinite patience
your side-splitting one-liners
underneath your demure posture

humming in the kitchen
to the rhythm of rice boiling

the soft jingle-jangle
of your golden bangles
rushing into each other
when your hands changed direction
back and forth
rolling out chapattis

a small ball that spread out
like the evolution of life
into perfect circles
as if to say
trust the rhythm of life

how i loved the smell of your saris

         – shashi light

oh spider


oh spider
    walking an invisible line
    in mid-air
    with such dexterity and flair
    ever trusting
    the next step will be there

    not a stone of guilt
    carried from the past
    not a twist of paralytic fear
    cast before your onward path

    teach me the secret
    of the moment’s import

    how your remembrance
    is weightless
    as a silken thread
    writing wonders
    of the first dawn
    still fresh

    the morning always comes
    teach me to trust
    the next step will be there
    like your invisible stair

                             – shashi light